1 Verse 1 Day

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.”

—   Bible NIV - 1 john 3:1

“You have made known to me the paths of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence.”

—   Bible NIV - Acts 2:28

“because you will not abandon me to the grave, nor will you let your Holy One see decay.”

—   Bible NIV - Acts 2:27

“As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.”

—   Bible NIV - James 2:26

“For you were like sheep going astray, but now you have returned to the Shepherd and Overseer of your souls.”

—   Bible NIV - 1 Peter 2:25

“See that what you have heard from the beginning remains in you. If it does, you also will remain in the Son and in the Father.”

—   Bible NIV - 1 John 2:24

“Yet you are enthroned as the Holy One; you are the praise of Israel.”

—   Bible NIV - Psalm 22:3

“And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, he pours new wine into new wineskins.”

—   Bible NIV - Mark 2:22

“If a man cleanses himself from the latter, he will be an instrument for noble purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work.”

—   Bible NIV - 2 Timothy 2:21

“built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.”

—   Bible NIV - Ephesians 2:20

“Nevertheless, God’s solid foundation stands firm, sealed with this inscription: “The Lord knows those who are his,” and, “Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness.””

—   Bible NIV - 2 Timothy 2:19

“Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.”

—   Bible NIV - Hebrews 2:18

“The arrogance of man will be brought low and the pride of men humbled; the LORD alone will be exalted in that day”

—   Bible NIV - Isaiah 2:17

“know that a man is not justified by observing the law, but by faith in Jesus Christ. So we, too, have put our faith in Christ Jesus that we may be justified by faith in Christ and not by observing the law, because by observing the law no one will be justified.”

—   Bible NIV - Galatians 2:16

“For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men.”

—   Bible NIV - 1 Peter 2:15